This is John Mouse. He used to be JT Mouse. He sings songs about the lack of post partum sex, and being short. this is the official page. He is Welsh.

Two amazing new reviews for The Death of John MOuse

Hey guys here are two more great reviews for “The Death of John MOuse”

"combined themes of reckless enthusiasm, quiet rage bordering on indifference, and brutal honesty frame each of the eleven tracks on The Death of John MOuse.”

MOuse’s prematurely declared demise entitled songbook is a poignant, and throughout laugh or you’d cry, observation of his own childhood and its impact upon the present.”

Reviews and praise for “The Death of John MOuse”

We are delighted that so many great reviews are coming in for our new album.

Have a look for yourselves 

"The blend of unpredictability, wit and sharp reminiscence contained within ‘The Death of John Mouse ‘ is the real joy of this latest offering by this highly original artist.”

“The album is single after single after single playing out like an album version of ‘Putting on the Hits’ covering the ground of Supergrass, Pulp, and even Menswear.”

“eleven tracks – 33 minutes, never tires, never dulls, always keeps you intrigued…An unassuming gem and a classic in waiting.”

"The Death of… in one moment breaks your heart with a bittersweet lament of a past life and in the next cracks your ribs with a hilariously obscure popular culture reference.”

"The Death of John MOuse is a very compelling album, and definitely requires repeated listening as you notice something new and different every time, now that’s the sign of a great album." 9/10           

“John MOuse has created an album that’s fresh and full of character, and at times, genuinely funny“

“The Death Of John MOuse takes in Pulp, Lloyd Cole, Richard Cheese, Strokes with brass and a (sometimes) humorous Ray Davies outlook on everyday shitness… ‘I was a goalkeeper then everyone grew tall..”

The Death of John MOuse

Hey. The single is out now from all good digital outlets. It’s had airplay on Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio Wales. 

We are delighted to announce that the album will be released on June 30th. Thanks so much to all the pledgers who made this happen. You will get your copies prior to the release date.

The album is called “The Death of John MOuse” and we can’t wait for you to hear it.

Success on the Kickstarter

Well thank you all so much for pledging and helping us release our 4th Album “I was a Goalkeeper” We were overwhelmed with your help, contributions and support for the project. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

As a thank you we will put all your names on the CD artwork! Also you will get your copies of the album in advance of the official release date, a good couple of weeks before everyone else.

We are really looking forward to getting the art done, getting the album finished and also releasing the single which features Gareth from Los Campesinos! to promote the album.

SWB Artists

We are delighted to have joined forces with the amazing SWB Artists. They will be handling all our live show bookings from here on in.

You can contact them via their website here

Get in touch if you want to book me, or me with the band!

Novella and New album

I run a kickstarter to fund my novella. It’s called The Hospital, and we hit the target. So this book will be available to purchase in February. More details where you can buy the book from to come.

Also Teddy Crocfingers (the producer of Humber Dogger Forties) is hard at work putting the finishing touches to my 4th Album. Currently titled “I was a goalkeeper” the album features some very indie guitar hooky songs, and some spoken word stuff.

The plan is to release this in the Spring. Keep your eyes peeled!

New video, for new single. Out 17/12/12 John MOuse Robbie Savage

John MOuse releases ‘Robbie Savage’ a download only single for sale at one pound on the 17th of December 2012.

'Robbie Savage' is the first release from Valleys born anti-pop hero John MOuse and the follow up to the success of his 2010 alb
um “Humber Dogger Forties”. An excellent individual pop album that featured witty lyrical tales of gay incestual love duets, postpartum sex (or lack of it), a flashing 10 year old sister, crimes of passion and entrapment, all flowing from the foolish dreams of a young boy, who wants his parents to stay married until he is 18. John MOuse has been described as the following. “The Welsh Beck, “Kurt Wagner with sexual issues” and “a cross between a more aggressive Art Brut, and a less funny Half Man Half Buscuit.”

Released just in time for the festive period ‘Robbie Savage’ will shortly be accompanied by a video depicting a touching family scene at the Davies household. Don’t be mistaken, Robbie Savage isn’t about the flowing locked Welsh footballer. No sir, it’s a gentle ode to broken families. The song claimed it’s title when the lyric “Macho Man Randy Savage is frozen in mid air” was misheard. Robbie Savage is a gentle track, with minimal instrumentation, repetitive melody and honest lyrics. 

John MOuse is currently working on recording his fourth album “I was a goalkeeper” which is scheduled for release mid 2013.

New Videos up on here

Well they are not new videos, but they are new to this site. So check them out if you haven’t before.